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Beijing Jiatai New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-strength polyester yarn warp-knit biaxial PVC coating materials.The company's independent design and development of flexible movable solar thermal insulation greenhouse has been widely put into the market, and has various specifications of tents and crepe cloth. , covering cloth and flexible materials for deep processing capabilities. The company is affiliated to Beijing Fashion Holdings Co., Ltd., which not only has more than 50 years of production history and experience, but also has a modern enterprise management philosophy.
In 1993, the company invested in the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and committed to the production of “Jiatai” brand coating materials and finished products. The company has won the national high-tech enterprise and won the honors of “National May 1st Labor Medal” and “Beijing Model Collective”. “Jiatai Brand” was awarded the famous trademark of Beijing.
The company has become one of the largest professional manufacturers of coating materials in the country. There are five series of more than 30 varieties of products, which are widely used in various sunshade and inflatable facilities, transportation hoods, membrane structure construction, flexible assembly. Bags, and liquid storage containers, protective fences and other fields. The products are suitable for customers at different levels. The sales are radiated to all parts of the country, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and exported to Europe and the United States. They have been trusted and praised by users for many years.
Now, “Jiatai” people will work harder to meet new opportunities and challenges with a new look, use scientific management technology to produce higher quality products, focus on customers, quality as service, use Our reputation and sincere cooperation with you to jointly develop a brilliant market!

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